Jan 23 2011

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The Cory Doctorow article referenced at the end of the post below mentions URL shorteners as potentially dangerous because they completely obscure the actual URL you will be taken to if you click them. By way of experiment I thought I’d post one here just to see how often it is used.

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  1. anon

    won’t catch me

  2. Chris Samuel

    Wow – only 2 clicks so far (and I’m not one).. ;-)

  3. Mick

    Yes, but it’s early days yet Chris. I’m pretty sure I’ll get some more. In fact the temptation to click is normally quite irresistible. A while back a friend of mine had a big red button on his site clearly marked “do not press me”. It got loads of hits….

  4. Chris Samuel

    “Please do not press this button again.”

    Up to 6 so far.. ;-)

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