first post

I am not a great fan of blogs. Before blogging became popular, people who wrote diaries used to do it in private and wash their hands afterwards (to misquote Heinlein). But occasionally I have found a blog which has been useful to me. Typically such blogs have been single topic or specialist sites devoted to descriptions of how the author has solved a particular problem.

This site may develop like that.

Or not.

(Addendum dated 9 September 2009 – added when I moved to my own VPS)

I’m actually impressed with myself that this blog is still going nearly three years after this post. Hell, I need to get a life.

(And another addition dated 23 December 2013 when I was reflecting on the year ending. So – seven years after starting, I’m still going. And I haven’t run out of things to say. Astonishing.)

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