more on the BT home hub

I last wrote about the BT Home Hub (HH) nearly a year ago. Looking back, I spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to get BT “support” to even bother to read, let alone understand, my problems. Eventually I gave up in disgust. Here I was fortunate because I had substituted a genuine Thomson ST780 router for the castrated pile of rubbish that BT provide. I had also junked the BT VOIP service (which I never successfully got working – despite having paid for it) in favour of the excellent service provided by sipgate

I have since had occasion to revisit the HH because an email list I subscribe to started a thread about it (guess what, no-one likes it…) so I looked again at some old links – such as the homehubblog. I also found some new links which look interesting, in particular the home hub hacks site which suggests that it might be possible to reflash the HH with a genuine Thomson image (though some of the links from that site are broken). Now having a couple of extra, cheap Speedtouch routers would be cool. And since you can pick up HHs on ebay for around a tenner (see, I told you no-one likes them) I feel a new hobby coming on.

I currently have two HHs. neither of which I use, and both of which I can afford to brick – so I’m going to play.

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