Sadly it appears that the once useful website has been hijacked by one of those awful domain squatters who seem to want to sell mortgages, holidays and houses. I tried today to check out an old “howto” I had bookmarked and was greeted by a completely new site – as below: hijacked

At first I thought that they had simply redesigned the site because most of the links appeared to be in place. Unfortunately, none of the old LDP documents appear to be there. I also noticed that all the links are referred to a new site on So, none of my old linuxdoc bookmarks are any use now. RIP friend.

Fortunately, however, the original and best TLDP site is still up and running as is the (similarly named) site. So, update your bookmarks and stay away from the hijacker. Such a shame that so many printed references in places like the O’Reilly books are no longer valid.

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