aspire one bios updates

This post is partly for my own benefit. It records some of the most useful references to bios updates for the AAO. My own AAO is actually running a fairly early bios (3114) and deliberately so. I upgraded to 3309 in (yet another futile) attempt to get sony memory sticks to work but found that screen brightness suffered for no perceptible gain in any other functionality. So I reverted. That aside, the references here may be useful to others.

Firstly, there is considerable discussion of the relative merits of various bios versions on the Aspire One User Forum. That site also has a lot of other useful (and sometimes not so useful) discussion points. Broadly, though, I have found that forum a good starting point for searching for AAO related information.

Next up is the very useful blog site run by Macles. Macles gave a very good set of instructions on flashing the bios in this post, which has been added to. and improved with the addition of lots of step by step pictures, by “flung” at netbooktech in this posting. Note however that the link to the acerpanam site supposedly hosting the bios images is broken. The images, along with many other driver downloads can currently be found by following links on the pages. Alternatively, I have found the images on the Acer Europe ftp site a good source (though it has yet to show the 3310 release).

No – my sony memory sticks still don’t work.

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