apple antipathy may be misplaced

Apparently the lastest release of the iPhone OS (v 3.1) has caused a few minor problems with WiFi and battery life. This has led El Reg to moan about the fact that you can’t downgrade the iPhone OS to an earlier version. I’m no great fan of Apple, but to be fair, this situation is not unique to them. Each time I update my PSP to the latest software release, I receive a warning that I cannot revert to the earlier version after upgrade. Not being an iPhone user, I don’t know whether you get a similar warning from Apple before the upgrade or not. But that aside, it does not strike me as unreasonable that Apple should prefer you to keep your OS as current as possible. Software upgrades are generally designed to fix bugs and/or introduce new features. If a particular upgrade has problems, then I would expect the supplier to fix those problems with a new release or a service pack. I would not expect them to recommend that you downgrade.

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