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In response to the news of Dennis Ritchie’s death, Ted Harding, a long time member of the anglia linux users group posted an interesting comment to the list this morning. Ted has kindly given me permission to link to that comment. Like Ted, I too hope we shall be seeing proper tributes to both Dennis Ritchie and the elegance of his creations. Sadly I feel that the mainstream media may pay less attention to the passing of this man than he deserves.


The guardian ran a reasonable obituary profile of dmr on 13 October 2011. And on 16 October, John Naughton wrote a good piece for the Guardian’s sister paper, the Observer. In that article, Naughton says:

“It’s funny how fickle fame can be. One week Steve Jobs dies and his death tops the news agendas in dozens of countries. Just over a week later, Dennis Ritchie dies and nobody – except for a few geeks – notices.”


And Linux Magazine posted a nice article by Jon “maddog” Hall.

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