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HMG goes cloudy

The UK Cabinet Office has announced the winning bidders to supply IT goods and services to UK Government under its new framework contract called “G-Cloud”. The winners are listed on a new website called the CloudStore which, supposedly, allows HMG procurement specialists to search for the goods and services they want to purchase. The new …

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Досвидания камрад?

From a peak of around 25,000 mail drops per month in the backscatter I was getting from the .ru domain to the non-existent address “info@baldric.net” I am now seeing virtually none. My logs show a distinct drop off from mid to late December last year to about 10-15 emails per day (when I had previously …

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perl programmer goes rabid

image of spoof daily mail random page

As a Guardian reader I find the Daily Mail distasteful and I would not normally refer to it in trivia. However, a friend of mine has just sent me a link to a random Daily Mail page generator which manages to lampoon the rag quite successfully. Further investigation of the author’s blog reveals another random …

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