My new bank (which is actually one of the few remaining mutuals in the UK) sent me my voting forms for the AGM today (by postal mail). The information pack included details of how to vote on-line should I choose to do so, together with two unique “voting codes” one of eight digits the other of four alphanumerics. Sure enough, entering the requisite codes on the website allowed me access to the voting arena.

Once there, besides actually voting, I was presented with a checkbox saying: “Opt to receive future AGM information by email and you could win 1 of 10 prizes of £1000 (prize draw rules apply).” (Clearly they wish to encourage email as a cost saving measure). However, upon clicking the checkbox I was presented with a new box saying “By ticking this box, I agree that in future the Society may email my voting codes to my email address below and that I can access the Notice of AGM and Summary Financial Statement and give my voting instructions on the Society’s secure online voting site via a link sent to my email address. To access your AGM documents by email in future years please provide your email address below:”

Oh dear, a repetition of the BCS stupidity of a few years ago. No way do I want supposedly secure, unique, voting codes sent to me via email, unless of course the bank can encrypt with my public key.

Guess what?

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