you are at 2001:db8::ff00:42:8329.

Verity Stob is having trouble getting a new IP address. What with the IPV4 address exhaustion problem, it would seem that the only alternative is IPV6. This is causing Verity some grief.

Stress brings out my unoriginal streak. I said: ‘Where am I?’

‘You are at 2001:db8::ff00:42:8329.’


‘Your new IP address at 2001:db8::ff00:42:8329.’ He had the rare gift of speaking hex and punctuation. ‘You wanted a new static IP address. Your government has arranged that you should get one.’

‘That… That’s not an IP address. That’s a malformed MAC address with extra rivets. You can’t… Ow! Stop! What are you injecting into me?’

‘Don’t worry about that Ms Stob. It’s a little something the Chinese have come up with. It suppresses the body’s natural resistance to incompletely established international standards. It’s quite safe – approved by NICE for treatment of both acute and chronic Luddism. But once more enough of the chitchat. We have some reeducation to do. Oddjob: the Powerpoint, please. Now. The 128 bits of the IP address are divided into a subnet prefix and a unique device ID…’

Absolutely delightful. A “malformed MAC address with extra rivets”. Sheer poetry.

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