my russian fanbase

My readership in Russia appears to be growing. For some reason I seem to be getting a lot of hits from Russian domains on my posts and pages about egroupware. And my referer logs show a lot of inbound connections from domains in the .ru TLD. Those websites I have checked appear to be technical, or partly technical, bulletin board type sites equivalent to the scream over here. Intriguingly, counterize, which I have recently updated, shows the top three countries hitting trivia as USA, China and the Russian Federation, in that order. The UK is fourth after the Netherlands.

Today I received my first comment (at least I think it is a legitimate comment rather than spam) from a russian speaker. That comment, on my old post “from russia with love“, translates as “Accidentally stumbled on your blog. Now I will always see. I hope not disappoint and further / Thanks, good article. Subscribed.”

Thank you притчи онлайн. Enjoy.

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