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now that is what an isp should be like

In my post about the astonishing speed of the DigitalOcean network compared to the appalling service I was getting at ThrustVPS, I mentioned that the free bandwidth model didn’t look sustainable in the long run. Indeed, DigitalOcean told me themselves that they would move to a more normal commercial model when they had a better …

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a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

The ascii art in sl was quite cute, this is far more elaborate. To see it in action, telnet to towel.blinkenlights.nl. Why waste your time browsing rubbish websites – fire up a terminal session and waste even more time with telnet. More fun places to try can be found at telnet.org.

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what a difference a gig makes

During the new year period when I was having a little local difficulty with thrustVPS, I started looking around for alternative providers. My first port of call was lowendbox. That site lists many VPS providers and is often used by suppliers to advertise “special deals” for short periods. Indeed, I think I intially found thrust …

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dovecot failure

Today I ran a routine apt-get update/apt-get upgrade on my mailserver and dovecot failed afterwards. This is a “bad thing” (TM). No routine software upgrade should cause a failure of the kind I experienced. Two things happened which should not have done. Firstly the SSL certificates appeared to have changed (which meant that mail clients …

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my top ten

I have been collecting statistics on trivia’s visitors using counterize for some time. The lastest version, which I have been using for about five months now, allows the user to graph, and publish, site statistics in a nice form. I have today created a new page (listed under “longer trivia” on the right) called trivial …

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thrust respond

This afternoon I received an email from Andrew Sinclair at thrustVPS in response to my post below. In the interests of openness I have added his email as a comment to the post. My thanks to Andrew for that email. It is just a shame that I did not get such a helpful response in …

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lies, damned lies and VPS traffic

I had an interesting time over the new year period. For some time now I have run a tor node on a VPS at ThrustVPS. I also run my tails mirror on a VPS at the same provider. Their network has always struck me as pretty poor (response times to ssh login is particularly bad, …

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