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too close to the logo

I came across this entry on the blog of a company called Conformal today. The company purports to specialise in open source security products and the blog entry was about the logo for their secure online backup product called “cyphertite”. Apparently the marketing discussions concentrated on “artfully applied make-up, designer clothes, and a narrative to …

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I have just been notified that I am eligible for a Tor T shirt. How cool is that? This is a Tor Weather Report. Congratulations! The node 0xbaddad (id: C332 113D F99E 367E 4190 424C E825 057D 9133 7ADD) you’ve been observing has been running for 61 days with an average bandwidth of 2278 KB/s,which …

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this is not a political blog

but I cannot let her passing go unremarked. Yesterday even the Guardian devoted 15 pages, plus the centre spread and a separate 16 page supplement to Margaret Thatcher. The usual suspects on the right wing tabloids were, predictably, particularly revisionist and swivel eyed. We are in danger of letting the death of one ex prime …

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Debian iz free operatin sistem (OS) 4 ur computr

For a moment today I had the awful feeling that the debian website had been compromised by an illiterate 14 year old. The front page had been changed and contained such pearls as: “Debian providez moar than pure OS: it comez wif ovar 29000 packagez” and “Peeps hoo use sistems othr than Intel x86 shud …

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