digitalocean do it again

I can’t believe these guys. Not only do I get unlimited traffic on a 1 Gig network (now at three locations – I have a VPS in each of Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco) for peanuts, but they have just given me a $5.00 credit (i.e. one month free for one of the servers). Why? Simply because I pointed out that their email alert system was failing to add the required “Date: ” header.

Most ISPs would see that as a complaint and might, just might, get around to scheduling a fix. Not only did digitalocean fix the problem in short order, but they gave me a service credit saying:

Hi there —

Thanks for pointing this out to us! We thought we had this in place, but in reality our ticketing system was crafting email

differently than expected. We’ve added the header, and now it appears to be working. We’ve given you a credit in thanks.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Astonishing. Go buy their service.

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