microsoft windows is conspicuous by its absence

At DigitalOcean – or so says Netcraft in its latest write up on their astonishingly fast rise over the last six months. Apparently, in December 2012, DigitalOcean had just over 100 web-facing computers whilst in June 2013, Netcraft found more than 7,000. That is some growth.

But I’m not surprised. I make no apology for mentioning DigitalOcean here again. They have provided me with solid, astonishingly fast servers at an equally astonishingly low cost since I first trialled a Tor node with them back in January. Better still, they have continued to allow me to burn through around 10 TiB of traffic every month on that node ever since without so much as blinking.

That sort of customer dedication explains why they are growing so fast. That and the focus on linux VMs of course.

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