bizarre searches

Today I stumbled across what appears to be a Vietnamese search engine called coccoc. The front page shows the typical search box as pioneered by google, but underneath that box is some text which seems to comprise text terms, mathematical formulae and (perhaps) chemical symbols.


Sure enough, passing that page through microsoft’s on-line translator at bing we learn that the text immediately beneath the search box says: “For example:” followed by some text. Intriguingly, however, the line immediately below that which reads: “Lần đầu tiên bạn đến Cốc Cốc? Hãy thử một vài từ khóa được tìm nhiều nhất tháng qua” translates as: “The first time you arrive Disposable Cups? Try a few keywords are search most popular last month.”

OK, the translation may not be idiomatic english, but it is clear that the intention is to list the most popular searches from the previous month. So it would appear that users of coccoc have a high tendency to search for such specialist information as combining sodium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid or the production of silver nitrate.

Wierd. Why don’t they just search for kitten videos or porn like the rest of us?

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