nokia lumia 1020

I have been a Nokia fan for many years. Like many people, I guess, my first mobile phone was made by Nokia. I have certainly owned more Nokia mobiles than those from any other single company. One of my favourite mobiles (which I still own as a backup) is the 6500 slide. I also still use my N800 tablet (though sadly not the N900 I bought at the end of 2009) which I have had since the beginning of 2009. I was therefore rather sad when the company seemed to lose its way after Maemo and floundered before getting into bed with Microsoft. I still wouldn’t buy a Windows smartphone, but I have to say that I love the technology that Nokia has managed to cram into its latest device. A 41 megapixel camera for heaven’s sake. That is absolutely amazing.

Congratulations Nokia. You have just raised the bar on smartphone technology far higher than I thought possible.

Now please can you drop windows.


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