privacy matters

The Open Rights Group here in the UK has been campaigning against mass, unwarranted surveillance by GCHQ since the Snowden revelations first emerged in summer of last year. Two of its current campaigns are: “don’t spy on us” and “the day we fight back“.

I have signed both of them.

I have also written to my MP in the following terms:

I have today signed the on-line petition for the “don’t spy on us” campaign. That campaign calls for an inquiry into the mass, unwarranted, surveillance of the UK population by GCHQ.

I call upon you, as my elected representative, to support my rights under Article 8 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights to a private life with full, unfettered freedom of expression.

I ask that you support the campaign both on-line, and in Parliament. Parliament has been completely ineffective in its oversight of GCHQ. That must end. You, along with all other Parliamentarians must do a much better job of holding them to account.

Yours sincerely

Mick Morgan

I’ll let you know what he says (though I can guess the reply. In fact I could probably write it myself.)

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