OSS shouldn’t frighten the horses

Since I first read that Nokia were adding much needed telephony capability to their N8x0 range of internet tablets I have been watching the development of the new Nokia N900 with much interest. It looks to be potentially the sort of device I would buy. Despite all the hype around the iPhone, I really dislike Apple’s proprietary approach to locking in its customers and I hate even more its use of DRM. So the emergence of a device which uses Linux based software such as Maemo and which is obviously targetted at the iPhone’s market looks to me to be very interesting. But some of the advertising is starting to look scary….

(I still want one though.)

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  1. Well mine just got shipped by Amazon to friends in LA who will send it on to me (Nokia aren’t going to release it in Australia!).. Oh the impatience! ;-)

    • Mick on 2009/12/02 at 11:05 pm

    If and when I get my hands on one, I’ll write a post about it. So far, details of actual release her in the UK are still sketchy. My iPhone fanboy friends find this amusing for some reason.

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