is my computer off

This site is probably even more pointless than most webcams, but it, and the site it was inspired by, amused me. Having found this, I just had to register a similarly pointless domain of my own. So now I am the proud owner of

Make it your home page. You know it makes sense.

[Postscript added February 2020. I no longer have this domain. I had only ever used it for the one purpose noted here. I have recently been culling my (previously ever growing) list of unused domain names in the interests of saving money. OK, I’m a cheapskate, but it struck me as dumb to continue to pay out for about a dozen domain names which I never used. So they, and this one, have gone. But in the interests of continuity, the references on trivia to this domain now point to a copy of what the old page looked like.]

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