now I feel bad about blogging

El Reg has a wonderful ROTW post here. One “Matt Kracht” lays into an article by Andrew Orlowski about P2P bitorrent users saying:

“I hate… no, I *loathe* when bloggers try to move to online news sites. If there’s one thing that web 2.0 has done, it has fucked up journalism so bad that nobody can tell the difference between some dork yelling his uninformed opinions about uninteresting shit and an actual newspaper article. Sure, once in a while, you get filler crap even in the New York Times, but it’s at least *interesting*. It’s about topics that people care about, and has new, informed, researched opinions and insights. What the hell is your article about? Being bored? Unimpressed by illegal file sharing sites run by scammers trying to make a quick buck? God, you’re an embarrassment to anyone who’s ever written anything less shallow than a blog. You offend me, sir, with your pathetic writing.”

Kudos to Orlowski for posting it. But I feel bad to be considered “shallow” because I blog – or do I?

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