irony is not dead

Installing counterize to analyse trivia’s logs has been instructive. I now know that some of my most visited pages are consistently those of a “how-to” nature (in particular, those about postfix, dovecot and, strangely, reflashing the old BT home hub). In many ways this is satisfying since one of the objectives of this blog is to document solutions to problems I have encountered personally.

But counterize provides much more than this. For example, I now know that of my visitors, 46.09% use firefox, followed by 27.24% using IE, with safari trailing in third place on 8.75%. Further, the top browser by version is IE 6.0 (now there’s a surprise…) at 13.14% and the most used OS is windows XP at 42.65% (sad, but you can’t argue with the stats).

However, what really intrigues me is the referer analysis. Some are fairly obvious given the content viewed. For example one of the top referers is a page on which points to my articles on the home hub. Others are less so. One that caught my eye today is a referer from a website which sells a tool to spy on mobile phones. That site has a privacy policy (!) which says the following:

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the use of

We highly value your privacy and make this policy easily available throughout our site to assist you in understanding the handling of information in the course of using this site.

As Terry Wogan would say, “is it me?”

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