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This post has nothing whatsoever to do with the usual topics I cover here, but this is my blog so hey I can write what I like.

My family has a proud tradition of working in the UK public sector. Despite multiple machinery of government changes by administrations of both major political colours thoughout my career I somehow managed to avoid being pushed into a career path not of my choosing. My wife still, just, retains her public sector status. One of my younger brothers worked for two major Departments of State before voluntarily leaving for what he saw as greener pastures (I think he meant more money – but that was at least his choice). Another of my younger brothers has worked for some years in the Probation Service – and he is, rightly, very proud of that. However, the current administration is determined to end his public service career by privatising (lovely word) the Probation Service. God forbid it should be bought by G4S.

He would like anyone and everyone concerned at this prospect to sign this E-government petition. Not for him, but for the continued high quality of rehabilitation of offenders based on need, and not on expenditure reduction targets.

Please do so.

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