facebook login searches

About 18 months ago I posted a note objecting to facebook’s apparent new policy of insisting that its users hand over a mobile phone number in order to continue using its “service”. In that post I included a png image which I labelled “facebook-login.png”. Oddly enough I note that over the past two weeks my logs show that image (and only that image – i.e. not the post) being requested just over 2000 times. The referer field shows that all of those requests are the result of deliberate searches for “facebook login” or “my facebook login”. Even more oddly, most of the referrals came from bing (c. 1200) rather than google (c. 350).

I cannot see anything remotely interesting in my image and a search on bing or google for “facebook+login” simply brings up the expected multitude of images.

I guess that there must be a robot or robots searching for facebook login images for some reason.

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