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Our dear PM seems to have caved in to the obsessions of mumsnet and the daily mail.


As someone in the grauniad pointed out today, at least we can be sure that Lynton Crosby has no connections to the pornography industry.

Here’s one of my favourites…..

It is interesting that whilst Dave thinks pornography on the ‘net is so all pervasive that ISPs must be forced to introduce censorship (with all that implies), he is not in the least concerned about the all pervasive sexual images in daily newspapers such as the Sun.

And the hypocrisy evidenced in the Daily Mail website is just breathtaking.

(Note to international readers. Melanie Phillips, the Daily Mail columnist referenced above, makes Mitt Romney look rational.)

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    • David on 2013/07/24 at 8:18 am

    Active choice is an important thing – AAISP seem to have implemented it perfectly.

    • Mick on 2013/07/24 at 11:03 am

    Thanks for that David. I hadn’t previously spotted that blog – silly of me. It is now bookmarked.

    At least one mutual friend of ours uses AAISP. And I chose them when I needed to register a domain name recently (remarkably few UK ISPs can cope with that).

    I have been impressed with their policy on filtering since I first came across it several years ago. In particular, following the BT phorm debacle a few years back I liked this wording on their website:


    It is the firm policy of the company that we offer an unfiltered Internet connection. Naturally we are not trying to encourage people to break the law – and you need to take responsibility for your own actions – but we are not the police and we provide Internet access without monitoring and filtering as is our protected right under EU law.

    The UK law at present can require us to put in place monitoring systems and also not to tell people we have done so. We do not have any black boxes designed to filter or monitor traffic and you are welcome to ask RevK on irc if this is still true at any time and take a lack of reply or evasive reply as you wish. Obviously we will ask if the law requires us to actually lie if ever we are subject to such legislation, and if not this statement would be removed. It is an interesting point as the statement that we are not filtering or monitoring is done for financial gain (to get customers) so if we were required to lie under RIPA we would be committing an offence under the Fraud Act. A debate to be had if ever it happens. You can probably get a clue if ever we dissolve the company and move all the contracts to a new company at any time…

    I think this wording has changed recently, but the flavour, and promise, remains the same as my recollection of earlier wording. If/when my current ISP (one of the smaller, specialist providers which still offers a fixed IP address and no filtering) ever bows to the current lunacy, AAISP get my business.



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