openPGP usage

Over at the the cypherpunks mail list, one Tony Arcieri posted a graphic showing an interesting rise in the number of OpenPGP keys registered on the SKS keyserver in the last month or so.


The graphic comes from the SKS statistics page. The overall trend is clearly upwards, and has been for some time, but there is an uptick in the rate of addition recently.

As “rysiek” says in a later post:

“Correlation does not imply causation…


“Nobody really cares about PRISM” my ass.

Perhaps my experience of apparent apathy is wrong.

For anyone inexperienced in the use of personal cryptographic tools, but interested in using OpenPGP, I would recommend this paper on OpenPGP best practice by Riseup Labs’ Privacy and Authenticity Outreach Workgroup. In fact the paper is useful even if you think you know what you are doing with OpenPGP.

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