VPS comparison

My last post highlighted the astonishingly good deal I have just had from racknerd. I’ve been running VPS systems for some time now so I thought I would look back over my archived email to see what I could find about my earliest experiences.

I found an invoice for a system I first rented back in December 2008 (so twelve years ago). The spec was:

– 150MB RAM
– 10GB disc
– 50GB transfer per month

and it cost £172.50 for a year (which apparently got me a 15% discount for paying in advance).

So I have just paid 15 times less (in absolute terms, and ignoring inflation) for a VPS with:

– nearly 7 times the memory
– three times the disc capacity (and now on SSD, not spinning rust)
– and about 70 times the allowed network transfer.

Oh, and the CPU is faster too.

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