why reykjavik?

For some time now I have been getting spam about property sales. Almost all of the ones that get through (I edit my spam filters to stop the bulk of them) take the form of offering me the chance to buy in to “off-plan developments” in various places, some in the UK, others in obvious holiday spots. Fortunately the spammers are pretty stupid and use a form of addressing that allows me to automate my postfix filtering.

Lately however, I have started to receive spam asking me if I have ever taken a PCP deal on buying a car.  See a screenshot from K9 on my phone as an example.

(Note that my K9 configuration deliberately refuses to load remote images which is why you see the request to “load images”.)

This email, in common with all the other stupid spam, points to a domain which has been:

– recently created;
– created at a cheap registrar;
– registered by someone in Reykjavik.

Now if the registrant were in Russia, or China, or maybe Iran, I could understand. But Iceland?

Beats me.

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    • Passer-by on 2022/02/27 at 7:05 pm

    > Now if the registrant were in Russia, or China, or maybe Iran, I could understand.

    Why these three countries specifically? Because they are the “official enemy” of the
    United states? Or are you implying that out of all developing countries, people from those three places are more inclined to spam?

    • Mick on 2022/02/27 at 8:54 pm

    They were simply examples of locations which are known to spam – it is called “poetic license” (for effect). China in particular though is a prolific source of rubbish email (trust me on this). Ironically, the dear old USA is probably a bigger source of spam than any of the three I listed, largely because they have a huge number of compromised PCs. It has nothing to do with any of the countries mentioned being “enemies” of anyone (and this blog is not American anyway – on the contrary, it is very British, as I am sure you would notice if you read it).

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